I have been called a designer, a writer, and a founder. I am an explorer, a refiner, and an advocate for doing the right thing.

Today I work at Condé Nast as a designer on the monetization team. I have a great sense of purpose to protect journalistic integrity and explore new ways to pay content creators.

Previously, I co-founded a hardware company seeking to connect our memories to jewelry. For years I obsessed about our legacy in digital times. How will future generations look back at our time here? We created a prototype, raised equity financing, and participated in the premier hardware manufacturing accelerator. In this time, I recruited an amazing team and saw how consumer electronics come to life. Walking factory floors in China, I understood that we are all part of a global system, advancing together. Before that, I was a freelance product designer. In that time I worked in reputable design studios on big-name projects and helped startup clients build prototypes and shape their narratives. I had a whole lot of crappy jobs before these – I started working at 15.

Preserving our stories and bringing humanity to business have been strong themes in my life so far. I hope future versions of my story include more mission-driven work with curious people. Please don’t hesitate to reach out, I really do want to hear your ideas: karol@karolmunoz.com