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Startup, 2014-2015

How will future generations remember us?

Today, when someone from an older generation passes away we are left with stacks of photo albums, newspaper clippings and journals. My generation doesn’t print photos, we don’t receive newspapers to cut, we scan our ways into events. Will our children go through our hard-drives to better understand us?

Collage of research

Research & Discovery

We conducted qualitative researchers, interviewing over 600 people about the way they captured and retain memories. Time and time again we heard them speak about jewelry and photos. It was never the most expensive jewelry but the one that had a story behind it. We found that people valued their photos as much as ever but weren’t printing or creating photo albums. All these images, which represent some of the most special moments and people in our lives are just files in our cloud storage.

A modern charm bracelet

We realized the connection between jewelry and photos has always existed in the form of lockets. But we eventually looked towards brands like Pandora Jewelry, Tiffany’s and Alex and Ani. All who have created a moment based collectable experience through charm bracelets. We set out to connect the charm collection experience and connect it to our digital memories.