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There are some feelings that are instinctual enough for us that we can be sure we will always seek them. Here you will read what our key emotions are and what evidence exists today to tell us people will likely look to buy it.


In today’s market, optimism is strategy. We book vacations to have something to look forward to. We follow pets on Instagram just to smile at something everyday (at least I do).

Two hours away from Berlin, an airplane hanger was turned into an indoors beach vacation. Wanting to get away from the cold, families go to an artificial world that is almost as good as the real thing. And if it feels that way, who are we to say it is not as good?


We’re in the age of anxiety. In a time of constant alerts and advertisements interrupting everything we do, we seek calmness. Experiences that force us to be present are becoming more attractive.

The continuing softening of the perceptions of marijuana is turning the conversation into one of wellness. We don’t need to prohibit people from easing their anxiety in a non-dependent way. Legal CBD candies can be bought online and there are now multiple venture capital firms placing bets on the future of cannabis. We just want to chill.


We have to offer event spaces that are more comfortable than being at home. You can go to a cocoon class at your local Eqiunox to make you feel safe.

Negative emotions make us sharper. Studies show that people who experience more negative emotions are more careful and strategic. The more we fail the more empathy we build. We could live in a world where actors want to understand what remorse feels like or CEOs schedule a monthly dose of failure to make better decisions.

In San Diego, you can pay to be kidnapped and tortured. The horror genre is bug in VR. Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy is now endorsed as an “evidence-based” treatment for Veterans with PTSD. Buying discomfort is not a new concept, but how will it look in the future?

Hate is being fought against by people are aggressively preaching sensitivity. Rhianna launched a foundation line with 40 different shades, the darkest colors were all sold out. Nobody had ever believed targeting skin tones that deep would be profitable. A Korean food blogger earns $9,000/month by livestreaming her dinner time meal. People tune in because they don’t want to eat alone.

How can we not want to be creative?